Charles Scholle Sits Down With Enjuris to Share His Background & His Passion

Charles Scholle interview

Attorney Charles Scholle, Gwinnett County Personal Injury Lawyer

It’s hard work to become a lawyer.

Charles Scholle told Enjuris in a recent interview that he learned this fact on his very first day at the University of Georgia School of Law where he witnessed the Socratic method firsthand. This is a teaching method where the professor chooses a student at random and asks them a series of rapid-fire questions about their reading material. The goal is to trip them up and/or poke holes in the responses they give, in order to simulate the high-pressure nature of being a lawyer.

Finding YOUR best attorney

Anyone who meets Charles quickly realizes that he truly cares about people and wants those who’ve been injured to hire the best lawyer possible for their situation—even if that lawyer isn’t him.

As he told Enjuris:

“You should hire an attorney who knows what he or she is doing and can focus exclusively on the area of law that pertains to your situation. Don’t hire a jack-of-all-trades. Hire an attorney who focuses on the specific area of law that has impacted you.”

Additionally, Charles wants injury victims to ensure they’re comfortable with the attorney they hire. If you’re hiring an attorney and don’t feel like they are truly fighting for you, you should choose another one.

This mentality hasn’t changed, even in the face of a global pandemic.

Practicing law during a pandemic

In Georgia, law firms are (and have always been) considered an essential business. This means that Scholle Law has remained open to clients; however, members of the staff have been given the option to work at home.

In another interview with Enjuris, Charles said:

“While we’re requiring social distancing measures, offering sanitizing stations inside and outside our office and cleaning our office nightly to help mitigate the spread of COVID-19, we are discouraging in-person client consultations at this time.”

Our attorneys reached out to each of our current clients (either by email or phone) to keep them abreast of the steps we are taking toward their case. In this way, we’re also able to keep ourselves up-to-date on the status of our clients’ treatment, helping our clients to obtain resources to avoid gaps in their treatment (like utilizing telemedicine options) and often simply keeping our clients’ spirits up by being a “cheering section.”

Like many other law firms around the country, Scholle Law is doing the majority of their client meetings using technology, including utilizing:

  • Electronically-signed contracts
  • Email
  • Phone consultations

For prospective clients, Charles wants them to know that Scholle Law is still available for their assistance. The only things that have really changed are the methods of contacting the law firm.

Existing clients already have a legal team assigned to their case and should use the phone number(s) and/or email addresses they’ve already been using to keep in contact. For new or prospective clients, they can reach out using the firm’s main phone number, email and online form to set up their free consultation.

Additionally, we also have an online chat feature where prospective clients can talk to a live operator via our website.

If you or a loved one has been injured or involved in a wrongful death incident, contact Charles Scholle today. He is a knowledgeable attorney who is ready to discuss your case and work toward getting you the compensation you deserve.