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Roadside Car Accidents

Atlanta roadside car accidents can occur on any of Georgia’s roads, whether rural or highway. These accidents can be dangerous and even deadly. There are several ways roadside accidents occur. After a collision, when vehicles move over to the road shoulder, those vehicles and their occupants can be in further danger. Whether due to a car accident, vehicle breakdown or medical circumstances vehicles on the shoulder are often hit by oncoming traffic. This can happen when other vehicles do not see the vehicles on the shoulder, come upon the situation suddenly or are traveling too fast or too close to the roadside.

The Duluth car accident lawyers at Scholle Law, led by Charles Scholle have helped hundreds of clients over the past two decades. We are proud of our reputation for excellence and integrity. If you have been injured in a road shoulder accident, you need the legal and medical support of experienced lawyers. Charles Scholle and the legal team at Scholle Law can help you and your family with all aspects of your legal case and your medical support. If your car is disabled because of a mechanical malfunction or collision and another vehicle comes along and hits you and/or your car it is important that you secure your rights. That vehicle’s driver or insurance carrier could be required to compensate you for your injuries and with the help of legal counsel you can secure the best possible outcome.

Roadside accidents for road workers, law enforcement and other responders are so dangerous, Georgia's Move Over Law requires that drivers move over one lane if they can safely do so. Official Code of Georgia Annotated section 40-6-16 requires that if it is not possible to move over one lane, drivers must reduce their speed.

On an annual basis, many people in our country are severely injured or are killed in road shoulder accidents. Statistics in recent years reveal that roadside accidents account for over 10 percent of pedestrian deaths on our highways. The Federal Highway Administration has noted that paved shoulder greatly reduce the number of roadside crash types including head on crashes, sideswipe crashes, fixed object crashes and pedestrian crashes.

But even if it is paved, the shoulder is not a safe place to be. If you must be there, try to pull as far off the road as possible. Turn on your hazard lights and if you can do safely, place flares to warn drivers that you are there. Move your vehicle as far over on the right shoulder as possible. If there is no shoulder, move as far off the road as possible. If you can, get out of your vehicles and move away from your vehicle and have your passengers do so as well. It is not safe to stand around your vehicle while you are waiting for help. Try to safely move away and wait for help.

Scholle Law provides the legal and medical support required in the wake of a roadside car accident. There are many aspects of these cases that must be evaluated to ensure the best outcome possible. This can include expert review of the road condition and visibility in the location of the accident. Evaluating all aspects of shoulder crashes can ensure that all responsible parties are held legally accountable for your injuries and property loss.

Atlanta roadside car accident lawyers Charles Scholle and Scholle Law, work closely with clients to assist them in all aspects of their recovery. Whether you have sustained a catastrophic injury or soft tissue injury that heals more quickly, you receive the same personal attention that all our clients receive. We keep our clients informed of major developments in the case and do not operate a huge volume practice in which you will just be a “number.” Your well-being and recovery matter to us and it shows in what our clients say about their representation.


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