Charles Scholle on Becoming a “Top Lawyer”

Charles Scholle on Becoming a Top Lawyer

Recently, Scholle Law founder and partner Charles Scholle was interviewed by Authority Magazine on the topic “The 5 Things You Need To Become A Top Lawyer In Your Specific Field of Law.” He provided insight into his journey as a personal injury lawyer and tips for the next generation of hopeful attorneys.

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The following interview was originally published by Authority Magazine.

"I think the three qualities that have been most instrumental [to my success] are attention to detail, empathy, and conscientiousness."

Being a student who put himself through college helped build the character and the mental toughness to build my own practice.

The top three things you need to become a personal injury lawyer are attention to detail, empathy, and conscientiousness. ... But two other things you need are patience and a strong resolve.

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