Fiery Truck Crash Causes Four Fatalities


Drive Defensively Around Tractor Trailers 

We all know that sharing the road with large trucks can be very dangerous. Large trucks, including tractor trailers, are particularly dangerous when they are traveling at a high rate of speed and are too close to the vehicles in front of them. We have all experienced it while driving on a highway. If you are in a smaller vehicle and large trucks are traveling along side you or around you, it is very important to drive defensively. We know that it is crucial to avoid the truck’s blind spots and to ensure that you are an adequate distance away from the truck. But sometimes there is no warning that a truck is driving too fast or too closely to your vehicle and there is no way to avoid being struck by one of these large vehicles. Tragically, this is exactly what happened on I-75 in Henry County, Georgia recently in a truck crash in which four souls were lost.

Fatal Georgia Truck Crash Leads to Criminal Charges

The fatal truck accident took place close to the exit of Georgia 20 and Georgia 81. An earlier accident had been cleared and traffic was still somewhat slower than normal due to this. One tractor trailer slowed just before coming to this exit, as did a pick up truck behind it. Unfortunately, another tractor-trailer did not slow down when the conditions warranted it and this third truck slammed into the pick up which in turn slammed into the back of the first tractor trailer. The pick up immediately caught on fire as it was hauling flammable pine straw.

The driver of the third truck has now been arrested as four individuals lost their lives when the collision occurred. He has been charged with several counts, including second-degree homicide by vehicle and driving too fast for conditions. Under Official Code of Georgia Annotated section 40-6-393(c) a second degree homicide by vehicle is one in which a person who unintentionally causes the death of another. The truck driver has also been charged with driving too fast for the conditions of the road which is found in Official Code of Georgia Annotated section 40-6-180 which states that “no person shall drive a vehicle at a speed greater than is reasonable and prudent under the conditions and having regard for the actual and potential hazards then existing.” Failing to slow down when vehicles are slowed ahead can be a violation of the provision and the authorities believe that it applies to this tragedy. This failure is particularly dangerous when driving a large, heavy tractor trailer. These vehicles take much longer to stop and in this fatal truck crash, the consequences of the truck’s failure to slow down were indeed tragic.

Wrongful Death of Crash Victims 

The victims involved who have now lost their lives may have have left behind loving family spouses and children. Close relatives and a deceased person’s estate can be entitled to file a wrongful death lawsuit against the driver and the company for which he was driving for the death of their loved ones. This depends on the circumstances and must be evaluated by experienced wrongful death lawyers like those at Scholle Law. These cases require skill and knowledge and can help the surviving family members deal with the emotional and financial losses that can occur when a family loses their source of income. So, not only can the truck driver end up being convicted of the charges filed against him, it is also possible that he will be sued by the families of the victims of his negligence or wrongdoing.

The Duluth truck accident and wrongful death lawyers at Scholle Law are here to help victims injured in accidents of all types. We have a caring and compassionate team of legal professionals who will guide you through the process of recovering from your injuries and seeking all the monetary damages to which you are entitled. Please contact our law firm at any time for a consultation at no charge.

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