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A dog attack can result in severe injuries that need costly medical treatment and leave you scarred or damaged for life. You may have psychological trauma as well as a terror of dogs because of the attack. The Duluth dog bite lawyers at Scholle Law would like to help you if you have suffered a significant injury or lost a loved one because of an animal attack in Duluth, Georgia.

Dog Bite Laws In Georgia

Dog bite laws in Georgia are based on a modified version of the standard “one bite” rule. If the owner of the dog violates local leash law, then the owner of that dog can be held strictly liable for that dog biting someone, even if there had never been any indication that the dog was dangerous before.  So, if the dog has not demonstrated any viciousness, but bites someone while the dog is in violation of the leash law, then the owner is liable.  Otherwise, the victim will have to establish that the owner should have known the dog could be dangerous. When the owner is reckless, such as when the animal is permitted to wander free without a leash or outside of a fence, Georgia state laws provide for a presumption of viciousness.

What Should You Do If You’ve Been Bitten By An Animal?

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If you are bitten by a dog or any animal you are unfamiliar with, it is critical to try to determine who owns the dog. Attempt to locate the dog’s owner so that you may inquire about the dog’s vaccination history.

Dog bite victims may be entitled to compensation for their personal injuries in Duluth, but this is never a given. You must take the time to acquire evidence at the scene of the bite that can be utilized to develop your case to receive compensation. If anyone was there during the incident, please be sure to get their contact information. This will make it easy to contact them afterward and learn what they have to say. Make careful to photograph any obvious injuries incurred during the attack.

Contact an experienced Duluth dog bite lawyer as soon as possible as it’s important to preserve evidence and get the law working on your side. The attorneys at Scholle Law are available for a free consultation on (866) 592-1296.

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In Georgia, How Much Compensation May A Law Firm Recover For Dog Bites?

Our Duluth dog bite attorney won’t be able to give you an exact sum without first going through the circumstances of your case. However, a dog bite victim can claim compensation for all scars, current, and future medical expenditures, mental anguish, missed payments, and any other losses or expenses incurred because of the assault.

One thing is certain: the at-fault party’s insurance company will do everything possible to avoid paying you the full value of your case. Many insurance companies will not pay a dog bite victim until he or she has hired a lawyer. In most circumstances, you will need to hire a dog bite lawyer to preserve your rights and guarantee that you are rewarded.

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Georgia Limitation Period

A strong statute of limitations in Georgia limits the amount of time you have to pursue a dog bite lawsuit. In Georgia, the statute of limitations begins to run two years after the date of the injury or wrongful death. If you are the victim or if you are pursuing a claim on behalf of your kid, you have a certain amount of time to file your claim. The courts will almost certainly dismiss your claim if you do not file it within two years of the dog attack.

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Types of Injuries in Duluth Dog Bite Lawsuits

1. Abrasion

An abrasion is a superficial wound in which the top layer of skin is scraped off. Abrasions are also sometimes called grazes or scratches. Abrasions are the most common type of dog bite injury, and they typically heal within a few days.

2. Lacerations

A laceration is a deep cut or tear in the skin. Lacerations may require stitches to close the wound and prevent infection.

3. Puncture Wounds

Puncture wounds are deep punctures in the skin that can be caused by teeth or nails. Puncture wounds can be difficult to clean and are at risk of becoming infected.

4. Avulsions

An avulsion is a severe type of laceration in which a large piece of skin is completely torn off. Avulsions often require surgery to repair the wound.

5. Amputations

An amputation is the complete removal of a body part, such as a finger, toe, or limb. Amputations are very rare but can occur if a dog bite severs an artery or causes extensive tissue damage.

6. Fractures

A fracture is a break in a bone. Fractures can occur if a dog bite applies enough force to break a bone. The most common broken bones as a result of dog bites are in the fingers and toes.

7. Dislocations

A dislocation occurs when a joint is forced out of its normal position. Dislocations can occur if a dog bite applies enough force to dislocate a joint, such as the shoulder or elbow.

8. Sprains

A sprain is an injury to a ligament, which is the tissue that connects two bones together at a joint. Sprains can occur if a dog bite applies enough force to stretch or tear a ligament. The most common joints that are sprained by dog bites are the knee and ankle.

Recovering Fair Compensation for Duluth Dog Bite Victims

When a dog bites someone, the consequences can be devastating. Not only do victims often suffer physical injuries and emotional trauma, but they may also have to deal with extensive medical bills and lost wages. In these situations, it is important to work with a qualified dog bite lawyer who can help you to recover fair compensation for your losses and dog bite injuries.

Good dog bite lawyers will have extensive experience handling dog bite claims. They will understand the laws regarding dog bite cases in your state and know how to build a case that can prove negligence on the part of a dog owner. Furthermore, a good personal injury lawyer understands the pain and suffering that victims face after such an incident and will work diligently to recover appropriate compensation for both economic and non-economic damages. If you or someone you love has been injured by a dog bite, contact a reputable Duluth dog bite lawyer today to get started on your case.

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How To Prove Negligence In A Duluth Dog Bite Case

Proving negligence in a Georgia dog bite case can be challenging, as dog owners are typically not held legally responsible unless their pet has displayed aggressive or vicious behavior in the past. However, there are several factors that can indicate negligence on the part of the dog owner and be used to support your claim. These include whether the dog was chained up during the incident, whether it had escaped from its fenced-in yard or enclosure, whether there was an adequate warning sign posted indicating that a dangerous animal lived at that address, and so on. Additionally, any witnesses to the attack may play a critical role in proving your claim, as they can testify to the dangerous nature of the dog in question and help to establish fault on behalf of the owner. By gathering strong evidence and working with experienced legal counsel, you can increase your chances of securing compensation for your injuries by filing a dog bite claim against the dog owner.

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Georgia Dog Bite Statistics

Dog bites are a common occurrence in Georgia, with over 14,000 incidents reported every year. The majority of these bites arise from interactions between dogs and young children, who may not always be aware of proper dog behavior. However, even experienced adults can be caught off guard by surprise attacks or vicious behavior on the part of familiar dogs. Factors like poor training and neglect can contribute to aggressive behavior in dogs, while other factors, such as stress and anxiety, can put any type of dog at risk for lashing out. Overall, however, it is important to remember that the vast majority of dog bites are preventable. By understanding how to read canine body language and by dog owners training their pets properly, we can help to keep ourselves and others safe from harm.

How Are Dog Bite Claims For Children Handled in Georgia?

When it comes to dog bite cases for children, the laws in Georgia are fairly straightforward. In general, kids are considered to be more vulnerable than adults, and therefore have stronger legal protections when it comes to dogs. For example, if a child is bitten by someone else’s dog, they typically have the right to pursue financial compensation for their medical expenses and other related costs. Additionally, any legal settlements or judgements arising from these claims will often take into account factors like the severity of the injury as well as pain and suffering. In short, Georgia places a high priority on keeping children safe from dangerous dogs, and parents of injured children can rest assured that they will receive all the support they need when dealing with this issue.

What Are The Most “Dangerous” Breeds

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With the right owners, most dog breeds are gentle, loving pets. However, not all dog owners give their dogs the kind of love and attention they need so it’s important to know which breeds have the most dangerous tendencies.

  1. Pit Bull Pit bulls are a type of dog that includes several breeds, such as the American Pit Bull Terrier, the American Staffordshire Terrier, and the Staffordshire Bull Terrier.
  1. RottweilerRottweilers are large, powerful dogs that were originally bred to herd cattle.
  1. German ShepherdGerman shepherds are large, intelligent dogs that were originally bred for herding sheep.
  1. HuskyHuskies are large, strong dogs that were originally bred for sledding in cold climates.
  1. Doberman PinscherDoberman pinschers are large, powerful dogs that were originally bred for guarding property.
  2. Chow ChowChow chows are large, powerful dogs that were originally bred in China.

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