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Lawrenceville Premises Liability AttorneysWhen you’re strolling around Lawrenceville, you assume your environment is safe. That may not be true.

It’s all too easy to slip on uneven pavement, step on a nail, or even suffer a lasting injury due to poor lighting or bad signage.

In Lawrenceville — and all of Georgia — premises liability indicates that the responsible property owners are obliged to prevent that kind of harm.

Slip and fall injuries are the most common examples of premises liability. There are many other types, including:

  • Trips and falls
  • Accidents that occur in recreational areas (such as Lawrenceville City Park or Alexander Park)
  • Some forms of criminal attacks, such as robbery or assault due to inadequate or defective security
  • Dog bites

Lawrenceville premises liability events can occur in many places, from the shopping malls and retail stores lining Lawrenceville Town Center to sidewalks weaving through Rhodes Jordan Park.

They often occur with minimal warning, but the injuries incurred through premises liability can be dangerous, painful, and costly. Working towards compensation may be necessary for you and your family to heal properly.

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Georgia’s Premises Liability Laws

Section 51-3-1 of the Georgia Code defines premises liability as a reasonable effort on the owner’s part to keep their premises safe. This is framed as the premises owner’s specific duty towards anyone invited onto their property.

The word “invited” is essential.

Premises owners don’t necessarily have to formally “invite” a person onto their property to be held liable for any resulting injuries. Instead, these invitations can be “express or implied.”

Generally speaking, as long as the victim entered the premises legally, premises liability may be in play.

How Can I Work to Prove Premises Liability?

If premises liability applies, your Lawrenceville premises liability lawyers will get to work showing that the property owner is responsible for the victim’s injuries.

This may require several different types of evidence.

For example, determining premises liability may include:

  • Demonstrating that the property owner caused an unsafe situation
  • Demonstrating that the property owner had time to notice this issue
  • Demonstrating that the property owner did not properly warn visitors of this situation or prevent them from accessing an unsafe location
  • Showing the direct link between the property owner’s negligence and your injuries

Often, the evidence clearly illustrating liability will be quite subtle. Your premises liability lawyers will have to mount a comprehensive investigation of your accident, the premises itself, and Georgia law and precedent.

Types of evidence that may be relevant for Lawrenceville premises liability cases may include:

  • Pictures of the scene of the accident
  • Lease agreements
  • Official accident reports
  • Witness statements
  • Insurance policies
  • Medical records

Once your legal team has compiled as much evidence as is available, they can help determine the extent of your damages — and how much compensation is fair in your case.

What Damages Can I Collect After a Lawrenceville Premises Liability Accident?

After you or a loved one has suffered a premises liability accident, you may be able to recover a range of economic and non-economic damages.

These may include:

  • Lost wages
  • Hospital or ER costs
  • Medical tests
  • Doctor bills
  • Surgery
  • Physical therapy
  • Pain and suffering

Your attorney will assess your case to determine the damages you can claim.

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