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Personal injury lawyers are valuable allies when a tragedy occurs. In the case of physical or psychological damage caused, such as in the event of an accident, personal injury lawyers are responsible for making sure that the victim gets both, justice and adequate compensation.

Charles Scholle is a renowned personal injury lawyer with years of experience serving the residents of Auburn, Georgia. If you, or anyone you know, has been mentally or physically injured due to the negligence of a third party, call us at (866) 592-1296 or contact us online for a free, no-obligation consultation.

Here are just a few legal areas we specialize in:

Car Accident Attorney in Auburn

Car accidents affect more Americans annually than any other accident. Serious car accidents can cause a complete change in a person’s life – rendering the most basic tasks impossible.

If the accident was caused by the negligent behavior of another person, it is natural to be frustrated. Add the massive medical bills and the loss of income, and this frustration can cause serious issues for you and your family. But if you were injured due to another person’s mistake, why should you pay for it?

The truth is, with strong legal counsel, you don’t have to. Charles Scholle has been dealing with auto-accident injuries for 15 years. And the expert attorneys at Scholle Law understand the devastating impact car accidents can have in your life and how adequate compensation is a necessity, rather than a luxury, for your family’s security.

With Scholle Law representing you for your auto accident personal injury case, you don’t pay us until we recover money for you. With a free consultation, you can expect honest and detailed advice about the details of your case and your options.

Motorcycle Accident Attorney in Auburn

For every mile traveled, motorcyclists are 27 times more likely to die in an accident than other-vehicle riders. Despite the rising motorcycle fatalities and injuries, some people still look down on motorcyclists as careless drivers.

The personal injury lawyers at Scholle Law have fought for the rights of injured motorcyclists in Auburn for years, and know exactly how the negative perception works against motorcyclists; even though most are law-abiding, helmet-wearing riders.

In such cases, Scholle Law has frequently encountered insurance providers that have used this perception to their advantage. Insurance companies go to extreme lengths to not pay adequate compensation and are well-equipped with a team of lawyers. Without an experienced attorney like Scholle, you are quite likely to find yourself at a disadvantage.

Truck Accident Attorney in Auburn

Auburn has seen a rise in the number of trucks on its roads with the rise in population and commercial activity. Naturally, an increased number of vehicles on the road leads to more accidents.

Truck accidents are often caused by the negligent behavior of over-stressed, over-worked truck drivers on a long country-wide route. A large majority of the casualties and injuries in truck accidents belong to the other vehicle, owing to the sheer difference in the size of a passenger vehicle and a commercial truck.

Lack of awareness about the due process, and without a dedicated personal injury lawyer by your side, you may be at a disadvantage when dealing with truck accidents. Backed by commercial interests, trucking companies are quick to arrive at the scene, in an attempt to manipulate the victim into giving a statement or signing something that puts the latter at a disadvantage, if a case is filed.

Scholle Law has been at the forefront of truck-accident cases all over Georgia. We are well aware of the tricks such companies use to reduce, or at best, eliminate the payment amount to the victim and their family.

With Scholle Law by your side, you will be better equipped to deal with large commercial entities as well as have sound representation in the court of law. You can rest assured that Scholle Law will leave no stone unturned to ensure you get the justice you deserve.

Wrongful Death Attorney in Auburn

There is nothing more heartbreaking than the loss of innocent life. When a personal injury is severe enough to cause death, the law allows close relatives of the deceased to file a case against the person who caused wrongful death.

When the victim’s family is overcome with grief, a legal ally can prove to be a godsend. Navigating through the state statutes and legal loopholes can be an overburdening task for families in distress. Scholle Law has passionately fought for the rightful entitlement of compensation across Georgia for almost two decades now.

Wrongful death litigation requires compassion and legal expertise, and that is what sets Scholle Law apart. We work closely with our clients throughout the process and communicate frequently on important matters.

With rich background in estate administration, Scholle Law attorneys guide families through the entire process, presenting several options and taking them into complete confidence. If someone you love died a wrongful death as a result of another’s carelessness, we invite you to give us a call.