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Your Personal Injury Attorneys in Decatur, Georgia

Practice Area photo Our team at Scholle Law has been part of the Decatur region for a number of years. Residents of Decatur and Gwinnett County trust our legal expertise, and appreciate the time and effort we provide to each and every client. We take great pride in providing legal services for our friends and neighbors in Decatur. In-return, many of our past clients have expressed their appreciation and gratitude for our ongoing support in times of need.

At Scholle Law, we’re excited to see where things are headed for the town of Decatur. Maybe you’ve noticed the recent growth and popularity of the region; we sure have. Although it’s uncertain how this influx of people and new businesses will affect our community, what is for-certain is that our experienced personal injury lawyers will be here to help and support Decatur residents—both old and new.

Let’s visit a few of the legal areas that we specialize in:

Auto Accidents

Last year, traffic accidents accounted for 1,500 deaths on Georgia roads as well as tens-of-thousands of serious and moderate injuries. As may be expected, the majority of these collisions occur in traffic-dense regions of the state: Atlanta, Athens, the surrounding regions, and the metro areas in-between. Personally, we’ve seen the increased roadway traffic around Decatur and the nearby areas. We’ve dealt firsthand with many of the victims of car accidents.

Although accident-related injuries can involve anything from broken bones to prolonged psychological trauma, blows to the head and neck are among the most common—as well as the most serious and long-lasting. Nonetheless, even a non-serious auto accident can be a traumatic experience.

After the physical and emotional toll of a collision, it’s overwhelming to deal with insurance adjusters, vehicle valuations, claims representatives, police records, and hospital visits. Fortunately, our personal injury attorneys at Scholle Law are here to help. Regardless of whether the accident was a fender-bender or a full-on collision, our attorneys are here 24/7 to provide answers and guide you through the process.

Commercial Truck Accidents

As local commerce and industry grows, so will the number of commercial vehicles using the roadways. As personal injury attorneys servicing the Decatur region for a number of years, we’ve seen the surge in accidents involving commercial vehicles, especially semi-trucks.

Although these large vehicles are necessary to facilitate growth and business, they are an undisputed traffic risk for our community. Collisions with these trucks usually result in serious injuries, property damage, and sometimes death. Despite the precautions and regulations aimed to minimize trucking-related mishaps, accidents involving these vehicles are still on the rise.

Not only are these incidents particularly dangerous, they are vastly more complicated from a legal standpoint. Accidents with commercial vehicles usually involve many separate (but related) parties. For this reason, discerning who is liable—and what degree of liability they hold—can be difficult. In many of these cases, the driver, the driver’s employer, and the truck manufacturer can all be at-fault. Disentangling liability is a challenge that should be handled by an expert. In these situations, it is important to talk to a personal injury attorney to understand your rights and options.

Medical Malpractice Suits

The word “malpractice”—also called “professional negligence”—is a legal term that describes the situation where the carelessness of a professional causes serious harm to another. Among the most common example is Medical Malpractice, where a patient entrusts their well-being with a medical professional and the professional’s carelessness results in tragedy for the patient.

Stakes are high when dealing with an individual’s well-being and livelihood. However, it’s not expected that medical professionals remain completely mistake-free; they are simply expected to adhere to standard protocol. When physicians, nurses, and surgeons deviate from the standard procedures, then legal action should be taken. Among the most common types of medical malpractice suits that we deal with at Scholle Law are misdiagnoses, medication errors, and surgical mishaps.

We understand that some types of medical mistakes can have traumatic and lifelong consequences. You shouldn’t bear the financial and emotional burden of a medical provider’s negligence. Our attorneys in the Decatur area have experience with malpractice claims, and can provide assistance and guidance through this difficult situation.

Wrongful Death Actions

Anytime an individual’s negligence directly or indirectly causes the death of another, a wrongful death lawsuit should be considered. The term “wrongful death” represents a range of legal cases where an individual’s untimely death is the direct result of another’s negligence. This definition is intentionally broad, and can include anything from motorcycle accidents to construction site mishaps. Because of the ambiguity surrounding wrongful death cases, it’s important to consult a trusted attorney if you’re unsure about filing such a claim.

At Scholle Law, our goal is to achieve justice by holding the responsible parties accountable. In a wrongful death case, we will compensate the survivors and beneficiaries while reprimanding at-fault parties for their negligence. If someone you love died a wrongful death as a result of another’s carelessness, we invite you to give us a call.

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I have had a great experience with Scholle Law. Since day one I was treated like family and everyone was very professional. Cherie
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My experience with Scholle Law was very positive. The people I dealt with were very forthcoming with information. They were always available when I had questions. They worked hard for me. Tabatha
Scholle Law was great. Staff was excellent, above and beyond - always! Enjoyed working together, I always felt informed. Michele
I was hit by a tractor trailer and Scholle Law was fantastic about finding me treatment. They were readily available with any questions, concerns and worked in my best interests. I have referred friends and family. Ten Stars for communication, responsiveness, quality of service and value! Five is not enough!! Sarah