Gainesville Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Severe accident between a motorcyclist and a car, injuring both drivers and causing a lot of damageEach year, almost 50,000 people get injured in motorcycle accidents. These accidents can happen anywhere, even in Hall County. Motorcycles are a common way to get around Gainesville’s roads and highways. Even though riding a motorcycle is often seen as the pinnacle of American freedom, non-bikers tend to dismiss the dangers of these vehicles.

The Georgia Department of Driver Services encourages drivers to “Share the Road” with motorcyclists, especially in the summer months. Yet many motorists simply do not pay attention to bikers who are on the road with them. In some cases, other drivers may even take intentional action against motorcyclists out of frustration, anger, jealousy, or any number of other reasons.

No matter the cause of the collision, motorcycle wrecks often result in catastrophic injuries. The most severe accidents can even result in death. If you or a loved one has been injured or killed in a motorbike wreck, the experienced attorneys at Scholle Law can help you get the compensation you deserve.

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Do You Have Enough Motorcycle Insurance?

Biker puts on gloves before riding on motorcycleBefore an accident even happens, there are steps you can take to make sure you are protected. Most importantly, make sure that you have motorcycle insurance coverage, and make sure you fully comprehend what that coverage entails. 

Many people believe that they have a full coverage policy, only to find that they did not have full coverage when they are attempting to make a claim. By definition, a full coverage policy only needs to have some form of coverage in each category, but does not specify how much coverage is in each category. This means you could have almost no coverage in medical, but be fully covered in liability. 

When you purchase insurance, it is extremely important to figure out exactly what your insurance policy actually covers. This way, if you ever do find yourself in a position where you need to file a claim, you know what damages you can be compensated for, and there are no unpleasant surprises.


Dealing with the insurance company after a bike wreck

hand holding a cellphone with emergency number insurance company on the screen with a motorcycle accident in backgroundWhen you are involved in an accident, you will need to call your insurance company to let them know. However, it is wise to consult with an experienced attorney before talking to your insurance company, and especially before talking to the insurance company representing the other person involved in the accident.

Answering questions for the other individual’s insurance company without knowledge of what to say could put you at a disadvantage later if you are trying to recover financial compensation.

Generally, insurance companies are just looking out for their own economic well-being. The main way they protect their bottom line is by paying you as little as possible. They do so by using your words against you, offering a low settlement offer, and sometimes intimidating victims into taking their lowest offer.

Hiring a skilled motorcycle accident attorney will simply help you protect your right to fair compensation. 

Speak with a Gainesville Motorcycle Attorney Today

Insurance companies know how the public sees motorcyclists: daredevils who take their lives into their own hands and do not deserve sympathy when they are in a wreck. They will play to this mindset through settlement negotiations and in their arguments if your case goes to court.

At Scholle Law, our attorneys have represented motorcycle accident victims for over 25 years. We understand that bikers have just as much of a right to safety on the road as other motorists. That is why we fight for every penny our motorcyclist clients deserve. 

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