Common Causes of Motorcycle Accidents

There’s no getting around it: motorcyclists tend to be extremely reckless. They speed more, overtake vehicles in risky ways, and go flying through the gaps in stopped traffic. It comes as no surprise, then, when paraplegic wards are filled with young men whose bikes are left to collect dust.

When someone calls their motorcycle wreck attorney, it’s typically for all the same reasons. It’s not just the motorcyclists themselves being risky, though; drivers also take umbrage against them. The end result is a predictable type of motorcycle accident in Georgia that can be avoided with proper foresight.

Read on as we discuss the most common types of motorcycle accidents–and how to avoid them. And if you can’t avoid them, we’ll give you tips on finding a Lawrenceville motorcycle accident lawyer.

Lane-Splitting Accidents

It’s hard to blame a motorcyclist for wanting to do lane-splitting. When traffic is at a standstill, there’s a wide-open gap between vehicles that no one is using. Why bother waiting when you can leave the commute in the dust?

Unfortunately, even when lane-splitting is legal, some studies link it to a 12% increase in crashes. It’s not hard to see why.

Reasons for Lane-Splitting Accidents

Motorcycles are small, and drivers tend not to pay attention to them. When traffic is slow, they are focused on other cars when they change lanes–not motorcycles. So, they tend to veer into the next lane over and send an incoming motorcyclist flying.

In standstill traffic, vehicles often weave back and forth to get a better view of the traffic ahead. If a motorcycle is going fast enough, a driver pulling left or right could easily turn into an unexpected motorcycle clothesline. Even high-tech cars can’t warn about a collision in time. 

It’s also common–in traffic that isn’t moving at all–for drivers to open their doors. They step out to stretch their legs and get a breath of fresh air. Same as above, their door turns into a wall for an incoming motorcyclist.

All of this is prime territory for a wicked motorcycle accident injury. When talking to your lawyer later on, they’ll ask you what you were thinking.

How to Avoid Lane-Splitting Accidents

We won’t dissuade you from exercising your rights–especially to cut a few minutes from your commute. However, you can avoid having to call a motorcycle wreck attorney if you just drive slower.

The main issue with a lane-splitting motorcycle accident in Georgia is speed. People who lane-split are often going at the typical highway speeds. 

Reducing your speed to something slow–say 10 mph–gives you time to brake if you see an upcoming obstacle. It also gives drivers a chance to spot you before they open their doors or change lanes.

Lane Change Accidents

The next most common motorcycle accident is when a vehicle turns sharply into your lane. They give you no time to brake, nor to maneuver. 

Or, the reverse happens: a motorcyclist changes lines. An unsuspecting or inattentive driver rear-ends or sideswipes you shortly after. Then it’s game over.

Reasons for Lane Change Accidents

There is a lot of fascinating science behind why car drivers fail to see motorcycles. Some of it is a result of headlight blindness, some of it a lack of mental bandwidth.

Whatever the reason, it means that motorcycles are at the mercy of a driver in a larger vehicle. Until we humans get an upgrade to our perception and brainpower, there’s not much we can do here.

How to Avoid Lane Change Accidents

Be a defensive driver. Assume by default that cars are blind to you–whether it’s their fault or not.

Drive at safe speeds and be willing to yield to other vehicles. Your Lawrenceville motorcycle accident lawyer would suggest that your life is worth more than saving yourself two seconds of time.

Left-Turn Accidents

Left turn accidents come in all different flavors. Sometimes, a driver makes a hurried left turn and strikes an opposite-direction motorcyclist hidden behind an oncoming vehicle. In other cases, they sideswipe a motorcyclist who is going straight or making a lefthand turn in an adjacent lane.

Reasons for Left-Turn Accidents

You can likely guess a common theme here. As always, drivers have a special blindness to small obstacles like motorcycles.

It’s easy for them to ignore you, not see you, or forget about you before making a maneuver that could end your life. Talking to a lawyer after the fact, you’d probably be told that you have to be on your guard next time.

How to Avoid Left-Turn Accidents

Exercise the same caution you would in any other situation or vehicle–except to a much higher degree. A motorcycle accident in Georgia like this happens, as we’ve said, because the driver doesn’t know you’re there. So, make sure they do. 

To avoid a costly motorcycle accident claim, get the driver’s attention. Honk your horn and flash your brights, but otherwise drive defensively.

Assume that an idiot driver will make that stupid decision you were imagining. You may just save yourself from a motorcycle accident injury.

When to Call a Motorcycle Wreck Attorney

A motorcycle accident in Georgia tends to be a bit more involved than your standard fender bender. Drivers can always claim they didn’t see you–among other things. Police and judges tend to be a bit biased towards motorcyclists and assume they took an unnecessary risk.

Contact a Lawrenceville motorcycle accident lawyer ASAP if you have a motorcycle accident case. Choosing a lawyer to help you is a no-brainer. The law protects a motorcyclist just as much as a driver, so don’t let them roll over you–no pun intended.

This is especially the case if you have a motorcycle accident injury. Talking to your lawyer can help you squeeze the most out of a motorcycle accident claim with your insurance company. A motorcycle wreck attorney can also ensure that the driver’s insurance contributes.

Choosing a Lawyer in Georgia

Motorcycle accidents are all too common, thanks in part to an acute blindness drivers have for motorcycles. If you get in a motorcycle accident in Georgia, we highly recommend contacting a motorcycle wreck attorney. A Lawrenceville motorcycle accident lawyer can ensure the best outcome after any accident–whether a simple bump or a nasty collision.

Looking for someone to take on your case for a motorcycle accident in Georgia? Find a Lawrenceville motorcycle accident lawyer at Scholle Law. Visit our website to claim your free consultation.